Meet Grace

Grace Honeyfield is an entrepreneur, a researcher with a PhD in epidemiology, a professional communicator, and an energy healer with an insatiable curiosity for sciences, human behavior, our place in the universe, and the intersections of all the above. She is an avid social innovator and a spiritual philosopher at heart.

Grace’s personal mission is to create environments driven by open-mindedness, wisdom, and love. Having a long track record of promoting social causes, inclusion and cultural literacy, she is a sought-after speaker who regularly delivers lectures, seminars, workshops, and keynote presentations when she isn’t too busy enjoying the wonderful company of her husband, offspring and grand-offspring.

Her debut novel Gaia is the first of The Grander Scheme of Things, a series that takes the readers on an epic journey through past, present, and future to unravel the mysteries of the universe, where absolutely nothing is a coincidence.

Close and Personal

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